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Jay Acunzo

Daniel Glickman

ay Acunzo is an award-winning podcaster, dynamic keynote speaker, and a guy bothered by conventional thinking. His unwavering belief that the tried-and-true creates stale work and minimal results first began as a media strategist at Google. His work as head of content at HubSpot sparked his passion to see marketing as a craft-driven profession. Now, as the host of the popular audio documentary series Unthinkable, Jay makes a living understanding what it takes to make the leap from average to exceptional.

Over the past decade he’s built creative content marketing strategies from scratch for tech startups, produced attention-grabbing shows for media publishers and challenger brands, and scaled a venture capital firm through nonfiction stories. His work has been cited in courses at Harvard Business School, by writers at the Washington Post, FastCompany, and Forbes, and by investors on TV’s Shark Tank.

Today, Jay hosts shows and works with teams that break conventional thinking and become the welcome exception to all the average noise in their niche.

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