Yoav works two blocks away from me, and because there is nothing I enjoy more than having content marketing conversations with a content marketer, I relish fireside chats with him.  Yoav goes right to the point, keeping his conversations short and to the point. I asked him about Content marketing in 2014 vs 2015.

You grew your business from two employees to 12 in less than one year. What is the biggest challenge in a fast growing department?

The world of online marketing, and separately the world of startups, is indeed growing rapidly. Luckily, we identified the gap (lack of companies doing “startup-marketing”) and pioneered that field so we have very few competitors worldwide.

How do you define content marketing?

Producing content that is so relevant to a specific blog’s audience that it becomes an inbound traffic magnet.

How does do your creative and SEO staff work together?

We base our SEO efforts on modern content, so our content marketing team and SEO team go hand in hand. SEO without good content is a waste of time and money.

How do you strategize a content campaign?

We use the product ourselves, otherwise we couldn’t write about it, just like in the case of awesome emaze.

What is your workflow?

We research and find a list of blogs that we wish to target, by Googling them, using our general knowledge, or doing competitor research. Then after brainstorming content ideas internally or with the client, our content team steps in and the outreach operation begins.

Among video, podcasts, short text, long text and presentations, it seems like there are endless options for content.  How do you pick the right content medium?

We haven’t tried podcasts yet, but a great post that combines presentations or a video does the trick just fine.

Should the content itself be relevant to a blog’s audience?

In the past year or two we have seen monumental shifts in online capital allocation with a dramatic move from social and traditional media buying spending into programmatic advertising.

In the past year or two we have seen monumental shifts in online capital allocation with a dramatic move from social and traditional media buying spend into programmatic advertising, What do you think will happen in 2015-1016?

2015 is definitely a year for programmatic ads. People are sick of the old-school ad funnel, not to mention those in Facebook that rarely drive actual sales. Luckily, more and more platforms, like the UK-based SmartyAds, are offering ad-exchanges and programmatic options at levels that will probably replace Google’s tools by the year 2016.

What are your top three tips for content marketers?

1) Research competitors with tools like  www.quicksprout.com

2) Find their most shared content

3) Write it just a tiny bit better!



Yoav Vilner is the CEO at Ranky. He’s a regular blogger at Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc.com, VentureBeat, The Next Web, Social Media Examiner and more. He is an avid user of emaze and a reader of CMOConfessions.



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